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Most people in our country usually work in USA Servey or USA paid surveys. If the percentage of them is said to be 25% and do not know about this work. In fact, success comes much better if you start knowing each task. I have a previous blog about Best Paid Survey Sites USA in which it is given which USA paid survey sites to work and which survey sites are good.


Why are so many updates?


In fact, its main task is to ensure that no one from a foreign country can work on American survey sites. And this is why they are updating various methods systematically and technically. We often don’t understand how and why updates are happening. This is actually the main reason for updating.


1. Multiple accounts in one Gmail


We often use one gmail to account on many sites. This is usually the wrong approach. You will try to create a Gmail account on a site or two. In this case, be careful not to be on the same company’s site. If you account on Australia’s Swagbcuks survey site, you also account on the Swagbcuks survey site of usa survey sites. This will make you spam. Many of us may not know that Mypoint survey site and Swagbcuks survey site are from the same company.


When you work on both these sites with one email, you may be able to do it for a few days. When the robot checks all your accounts will be e-banned. It may take some time. That means try to make one account on one site with one email or two different accounts on different sites.


2. Ignoring profile questions


Most of the providers of our country say to work with IT Profession. I saw a few days ago that people who make $150,000 or more don’t work on survey sites or even full time. And most of the profiles in our country are more than 150,000$ or come next. In fact, before working on USA Survey sites, one must have a good understanding of the USA Environment. You will think about how much to pay, I told you that if everyone pays again then it is a problem again. Again you have to remember what to give.


Most of the profile questions on the Swagbucks Survey site don’t remember. There is a system to check profile on other sites and this site is finished for the first time. Sometimes profile doesn’t give you survey or bans you for some important questions.


3. Be careful while browing


I’ve seen many people keep Google Translator on while working on survey sites in Mozilla Firefox. Again watching Bangladeshi YouTube channel. In fact, it is a very bad thing because your data is checked by the robot of the survey site and if they think you are Out of USA, your account will not come to the survey or will be banned. You must behave in such a way that the survey site robots think you are a citizen of the USA. Many times you listen to Bangla video songs and also do surveys, this is often a reason for failure on our survey site.


Many people work by opening two or three sites at the same time. Actually the rule is to work on the one you are going to work on then log out and work on the other one. Also, deleting the browser data at least once a week will reduce your problem. Although the data is stored on the server. Even then, if you forget to turn on Bangladeshi on a site, there will be a problem.


4. Taking more time to complete the survey


This is one of the reasons. Because many of us are new when we start work, because of our lack of linguistic knowledge, we understand after converting to Bengali and then work on the survey. It turns out that even if we give you 15 minutes to do a survey, it takes you 20 minutes or 25 minutes. In that case the survey robots will suspect you. And doing this repeatedly will stop you from giving surveys. Because American people are naturally good at English and it shouldn’t take them long to answer. The survey site used to not use robots but now it has been updated and it can no longer work as it used to normally.


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