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What’s up nerds?
Welcome to my fresh liquidiser tutorial within which we’ll learn the way to form this wonderful Cartoon vogue mechanism Character. currently this tutorial is extraordinarily simple and is formed for liquidiser beginners World Health Organization have little expertise, however, you’re expected to grasp a way to navigate the UI of liquidiser and use basic tools like move tool, scale tool, etc.

3d character creation in blender

In this tutorial, we’re gonna be covering the fundamentals of Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering in liquidiser thus you’ll be able to take your 3d art skills to succeeding level.
The good factor concerning this category is that this category can show you the raw method of a 3D creative person in
creating art. i’ll be making the mechanism character for the primary time so we’ll be finding all issues and creating all inventive selections together!

domestika 3d character creation in blender

So what square measure you waiting for? simply begin this category nowadays and take your liquidiser skills to an entire new level!
The project of this category is sort of easy, nonetheless terribly exciting!
You will produce a mechanism character kind of like the one that I showed within the category however instead, you’ll produce the complete body of the mechanism in order that you’re really learning and not blindly following a tutorial.
Be sure to vary up the look slightly in order that {you square measure|you’re} rising and testing your creativity! There are fully no rules thus you’ll be able to be as inventive as you like! but, make certain to use all the tools tutored within the category.


Trust me, once you complete this project, you’ll feel way more assured and cozy in Blender!
When you square measure done, kindly transfer your final render to the Project section of this category thus I will provide you with feedback and suggestions.
Thank you!


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