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 In this course you will learn “Some Secret Ways to Succeed on YouTube, YouTube Video Editing, Professional Camera Setup, Video Shooting and Editing on Mobile, Video Editing on Computer”!



What you’ll learn



Episode 1 videoWhere to find video topics for YouTube!

Episode 2 ~ (Mobile) YouTube Video Shooting

video Episode 3 ~ YouTube video shooting on DSLR

►Episode 4 video YouTube Video Edit (Mobile)

►Episode 5 YouTube Video Edit (Computer)

Episode ৬ YouTube Video SEO

►Episode ৭ YouTube Video Viral! (SEO)

Episode ৮  How to make an intro! (INTRO)

Episode 9: Ways to make great music videos! (PRIMER-PRO)

Part 10  The Secret of Video Transactions (Deal With Video Transactions)

Episode 11 Ways to create professional video thumbnails through mobile!

►Episode 12  Ways to create professional video thumbnails through computer!





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