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Such an individual examinations for eight hours consistently, I likewise study for eight hours. So for what reason would he say he is the primary in the test, and I mightn’t? ” How to consistently study? Also, a significant number of us have falled behind in examinations because of lockdown. How might this misfortune be repaid now?

That’s what we imagine assuming we concentrate on to an ever increasing extent, we will improve But more significant than “Concentrate Hard” is “Study Smart”. What’s more, to assist with the principles of this savvy endlessly concentrate on daily schedule, Ten Minute School has thought of this “Review Smart” course. This course will zero in on the principles of study, how to peruse regularly, the standards of remembering the review. Siam Shahed Noor from Harvard University is here with you interestingly to show you every one of the subtleties of the right standards of perusing in Bengali in an exceptionally straightforward manner.

This course covers:

The most effective method to get done with perusing rapidly.

Instructions to make sure to peruse for quite a while.

Techniques for normal review.

The most effective method to recollect a ton of perusing with just enough exertion.

Assuming there is a deficiency in training, there is an exit from that shortfall.

Methodologies to deductively increment efficiency.

How this course will help you:

Understudies will turn out to be more capable in utilizing the strategies and techniques for the course.

Understudies will acquire the memorable capacity a reasonable and long haul study.

Understudies will actually want to remember things well.

Understudies will actually want to set up a review plan that suits them.


The course will assist you with building your certainty.


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