HSC 2022 English Short Syllabus Course Free

HSC 2022 English Short Syllabus Course
HSC 2022 English Short Syllabus Course
HSC 2022 English Short Syllabus Course

HSC 2022 English Short Syllabus Course

About the course

Based on the HSC exam marks, the opportunity to appear in BUET, Medical etc. exam is available. A part of HSC result is also added to these entrance exam results. But many students are not well prepared in English to focus on science and business education throughout the year. Besides, you have been studying at home for a long time in high school because of Corona. So at the last moment, many of you have realized that there is a deficiency in reading English.

And if you don’t get 40 out of 50 marks in English in the new exam, A+ will be missed! By doing this your GPA will decrease and in the admission test but for getting 1 mark less in the total marks, the position will go back 150-200! So you understand, every number is very important.

So to ensure your last minute English Board Standard preparation, Ten Minute School has brought “HSC English Course”! Through this course you can learn important topics such as: Preposition, Use of Verbs, Completing Sentences, Sentence Connectors, Narration etc. well in a short time. So that you don’t have to worry about the timing of classes and self-study, every class of the course is recorded on the smartboard. So you can do the classes at any time according to your convenience. And with the quizzes and notes that come with the class, you can practice and revise to get ready for the board exam.

If you don’t want to lose marks in English, enroll in the course today!

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