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Huge archive has become languid to alter

I have an exceptionally enormous Word report (in Word 2010 docx design), of around 400 pages, containing generally text yet additionally many pictures and tables. Recently, likely on the grounds that it has become so “swelled”, altering in Word has become drowsy, for instnace, there is a postponement of a second or so between console order and impact on screen for composing/choosing text.


I’m running Office 2013 on Windows 7 64-digit, CoreDuo CPU machine with 4GB RAM, and don’t ordinarily have numerous different projects open beside Word, so PC execution isn’t really an issue. What could I at any point attempt to make this record answer quicker, as more modest (typical estimated) reports as of now do on my machine?


What I’ve attempted, without any outcomes:


– changing it over completely to 2013 organization (so it is as of now not in similarity mode)


– seeing it on paper/web format


The undeniable arrangement is simply separated the record into a few more modest reports. Nonetheless, it this specific case this would make different issues, so I would especially really like to keep it a solitary record, as long as I can find a way for its altering to quit being a sluggish cycle.



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